Temporary Labour FAQs

Although gaining popularity in the construction industry, temporary labour is a concept that many have questions about. It’s important to ask these questions so you can ensure that temporary labour is the best decision for you as a client or an employee. Today we’ll go over some of our most frequently asked questions. Many of these questions are similar for both clients and employees, so we will explore most of the questions from both perspectives.

How Does Temporary Labour Work?

For Clients

Clients seek out temporary labour or seasonal work through a staffing agency to help reduce costs to their company and maintain a high volume of work. After meeting with an agency to explore the needs and expectations of the client, the staffing agency matches the best employees for the client. The staffing agency then sends the employees to the client’s worksite to aid them with their goals while fulfilling the role of Human Resources for the temporary staff. If you would like more in-depth information on how temporary labour works for a client, please read How to Work with a Temporary Labour Agency.

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How to Work with a Temporary Labour Agency

With construction’s peak season coming to a close, you may already be taking what you learned from 2017 and preparing for the new year. Did it seem as if the work was piling up? Did you notice that there were more overtime hours logged? Your company could use a hand – temporary staffing might just be the solution you need. But how do you get started?

temporary labour contract signing

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Construction Site Safety: Employee Safety in Varying Working Environments

It’s no secret that we have a wide range of weather in Canada. Edmonton and Calgary are always expecting snow (no matter the season), Kelowna expects sunshine, and it’s probably raining in Vancouver. Having a wide range of weather unfortunately means the forecast isn’t always right. Because of this, it’s important to make sure that all employees are prepared for the best and the worst conditions. Working outside adds some risk to labour workers depending on certain factors: How long will the crew be outside? Where is the work being done? What season is it? Asking these questions gives an idea of what hazards there are to help prepare for the work environment. We’ll be looking at the top four environmental hazards.

construction team

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Tips to Reduce Employee Turnover in Construction

Employee turnover is a huge challenge that many businesses and industries face. With various repercussions that can cost contractors and companies money, a revolving door of employees has results that are far-reaching. There are various activities that employers can perform to reduce employee turnover within their organization. Here are a few tips to help you slow down the revolving door and inspire long-term loyalty from your employees.

construction floor plan

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The Top 3 Benefits of Using a Temporary Staffing Agency

Do your employees regularly need to work over time to meet demands? Do you find that your employees are scrambling to get jobs finished on time? Could you use extra hands during peak season? If you answered yes to any of these questions you may want to consider working with a temporary staffing agency.

temporary labour benefits

Temporary staffing agencies, such as Constructive Labour Solutions, supply contractors and companies with temporary labour workers in response to fluctuating needs. Whether for seasonal peaks, last minute projects, employee illnesses or vacations, there are many reasons to use a temporary staffing agency. Here are our top three.

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6 Steps to the Hiring Process at Constructive Solutions Group

During Alberta’s oil boom and the subsequent population swelling in Calgary and Edmonton, Constructive Solutions Group spent almost as much time educating our workforce about their rights and responsibilities as we did getting them placed and hired. Out of respect for all those individuals, our current readers, and those who might call us for work tomorrow, we’d like to share today’s post about how to prepare yourself for employment as part of a temporary labour force.

This post is best read along with our previous post titled 4 Top Characteristics of the Best Employees. If you missed it, find it here.

Focusing on the issues of ‘hireability’ and ‘keepability’ (we know – not really technical terms but relevant all the same), is a point that more temporary labour agencies should acknowledge. As a temporary worker employed by Constructive Solutions Group, you represent our company on every job you go to. Therefore, looking professional and knowledgeable about our processes and your role in it is in everyone’s best interest.

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4 Top Characteristics of the Best Employees

Projections toward the latter part of 2015 predict for a very tight job market in Alberta – both Calgary and Edmonton data show that while StatsCan doesn’t always reflect losses in both (or either market) on a consistent basis, you only have to drive through the downtown core of either city to notice that there are less people, less commuters, and slightly more vacancies. This isn’t news to our readers.

What is apparent, and good advice at any time in the history of the working world whether on the economic upswing or downturn, is what makes for the best employees. What improves hireability – and ‘keepability’? Because employing you is our business, Constructive Solutions Group has taken the question one step further – that is:

What are the evidence-based characteristics that define the best employees, either temporary labour or those ported to permanent contracts?

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Temporary Labourers Should Investigate Their Options

According to research here at Constructive Solutions, businesses in both Edmonton and Calgary pride themselves on being scalable. Flexible. Right-sized for client needs. But what does that mean for the existing pool of labourers and tradespeople that are currently looking for work? Consider temporary labour as an option in order to springboard into your career.

Temporary Labour – What You Need To Know

The best labour agencies were established to connect clients and labourers through practical solutions to temporary labour requirements. With changes to FR programs and potential labour shortages looming, now is the time to carefully consider your working options.

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ICCRC Receives Positive Evaluation


The ICCRC (Immigrant Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) is a non-profit organization for people dealing with immigration consultants. The organization provides security and safety, and keeps a check on the functioning of immigration professionals. Its main objective is to ensure that immigration consultants are working effectively and are transparent with the information they provide to their client. They work with consultants, consumers, stakeholders, and members of the public to lead this industry into a new era of integrity and professionalism. They were established just three years ago, but have apparently been doing a good job so far at reaching their goals.

A recent audit conducted by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) proved to be very positive; the report states that the ICCRC is effectively regulating the immigration consulting profession. It also states that, despite it only being three years old, the organization is well managed, transparent, and accountable.

A few of the successes noted in the evaluation report include the ICCRC membership nearly doubling to 3,000 members since its beginning in 2011. Of those 3,000 members is our very own Nina Dohmann (ICCRC #R508670). The organization’s debt has also been reduced by more than half. The organization also launched a successful worldwide social media campaign to warn consumers about the risks of retaining illegal immigration consultants. The campaign was in support of CIC’s Fraud Prevention Month Campaign against unauthorized representatives.

Bob Brack, President and CEO of the regulatory body, states, “The evaluation report makes several recommendations in the areas of internal governance, cost management, communications and membership growth. I am pleased that most of these recommendations have already been implemented or are being implemented.”


To view the complete evaluation report, click here.

The Benefits of Temporary Labour Solutions in the Construction Industry


Temporary labour is a concept that has become more and more relevant in the past decade, especially in the past few years. The number of temporary workers employed by staffing companies tripled from 1984 to 1994, and its growth is one of the most important events that has occurred in labour markets recently. There has been a negative stigma around temporary staffing solutions – people are mainly scared of being replaced by temporary workers — but there are numerous benefits to temporary labour solutions, especially in the construction industry.

Temporary labour solutions are both economical and practical. They allow our partners to face the opportunities and meet the challenges that are shaping today’s industry. Constructive Solutions’ understanding of these challenges and the ability to quickly respond with integrated and comprehensive solutions puts us in unique positions to help.

Calling upon a temporary workforce can help to decrease margins to control and minimize cost pressures, helping our partners adapt to and keep up with the ever-changing highs and lows of demand in the construction industry. It also gives employers a more flexible workforce, leaving them in a better position to respond to the bumpy economy. A flexible workforce can provide employers with a response to changes in consumer demand, allowing Constructive Solutions to deliver customer-centric solutions that address the dynamic environment. All-in-all, temporary jobs from staffing and recruiting firms are playing an increasingly important role in the economic recovery. And let’s acknowledge the elephant in the room – why hire full-time staff if your fluctuating needs might only require part-time work?

Temporary labour solutions not only benefit employers, but they also benefit employees. Temporary work is perfect for highly skilled people who don’t want to be tied down to only one employer doing only one task. It allows workers to get diverse work experience while keeping their skills sharp and their resume alive. It allows for building and strengthening professional networks, and for working in various environments doing various tasks, especially in the never-static construction industry.

Temporary labour has become far more prominent in Edmonton, Calgary, and Okanagan. There are many temporary work recruiters (and more on the rise), and highly skilled employees make up a big chunk of the workforce in Edmonton and Calgary. It’s a staffing solution that’s constantly growing, and Constructive Solutions is proud to be a part of it by offering temporary workers to our partners in those areas. Temporary labour solutions benefit both the employer and the employee in both economical and practical ways, and it’s a great response to difficulties brought on during the economic recovery.