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The Constructive Solutions Group offers a unique payroll solution, independent of our temporary labour and recruitment divisions.

For a simple percentage mark-up on hourly wage, our payroll service allows clients the flexibility to try out new employees or hire a seasonal workforce without additional exposure to unemployment or workers’ compensation risk. The benefits of our Temporary Labour Solutions are realized for clients who have recruited their own candidates through our payroll service.

Our payroll solution is truly outsourced! Those on our payroll are actually Constructive Solutions (payroll division) employees.

How Payroll Solutions Works

Our payroll solution is available for all levels of personnel recruited directly by our clients. Candidates are hired within one business day. Timesheets are submitted electronically in congruence with client pay cycles.
We offer employee payment via electronic deposit, or by traditional cheque (delivered to the employee’s

The Benefits of Payroll Solutions

  • Allows you the freedom to try employees before you hire directly.
  • Reduced time and expenses associated with:
    – Terminating employees
    – Issuance of ROE’s / T4’s
    – Purchasing & issuing payroll cheques
  • Reduced exposure to workers compensation claims
  • One invoice per pay cycle (no limit on number of employees)
    – Includes all wages
    – Source deductions
    – Holiday pay
    – WCB premiums
    – Preparation & issuance of ROE’s
    – Preparation & issuance of T4’s
  • Flexible pay cycles
  • Flexible payment terms
  • No special software required