Skilled Labour Solutions

Constructive Solutions’ Trades & Skilled Labour division provides tradespeople and skilled Labourers for work on a wide range of construction, shutdown / turnaround & maintenance projects. Construction and Maintenance contractors turn to Constructive Solutions with confidence to plan and manage all of their skilled labour needs.

Skilled Labour Workers

Our Trades & Skilled Labour division recruits and maintains an extensive database of tradesmen & skilled laborers. We take pride in placing skilled craftsman that are highly qualified and trained, and who represent our reputation for reliability and service. Our screening process is client specific and may involve any or all of the following:

  • Drug & alcohol screening
  • Skills and training certification check

– H2S Alive
– Confined Space
– Fall Arrest
– AWP (Aerial Work Platform)
– OSSA certification

  • Drivers license verification
  • Physical Fitness testing
  • Background check

Skilled Labour or “specialized labour”, in the construction industry specifically refers to labour that requires workers who have specialized training or a learned skill-set to perform the work. These workers can have varied levels of training or education. In many cases, skilled Labourers are those who have received extensive on the job training in fields of expertise which do not have certifications or trade designations.

The Trades & Skilled Labour division of Constructive Solutions works hard to maintain a talented pool of skilled labour. You can always rely on us to provide the perfect construction staffing solutions for your specific needs. We save you time, reduce costs, and handle all payroll processing.