About Us

Constructive Solutions Mission

We strive to provide professional staffing and recruitment solutions to our business partners for mutual growth and success, through quality employment opportunities for our employees and recruits.

Constructive Solutions Vision

Adapting to a Changing Market
Constructive Solutions has recognized many of the everyday strains experienced in the current market regarding the demand for growth and a disparity of available resources. These everyday strains are expected to continue and in some cases become greater obstacles as demographic shifts occur over the next several years. It is Constructive Solution’s vision to provide innovative alternatives that contribute to positive, measurable results and overall success for its clients.

Constructive Solutions is an innovative and professional staffing provider. Our services are diverse and used by a wide range of industries to provide our customers with temporary labour solutions, recruiting services, and complete staffing solutions. Our company started in 2005 primarily servicing to the construction, warehousing, and manufacturing sectors. We quickly became very successful in this area and expanded into the industrial and commercial sectors.

Constructive Solutions is Canadian owned, and operates from regional offices to provide our customers with unparalleled staffing services. Our goal is to significantly improve our customer’s performance through innovative and service-oriented workforce solutions tailored to meet every individual client needs.

Constructive Solutions offers on-demand and permanent labour solutions across a wide variety of industry sectors. We also provide qualified personnel to fill various positions, including office administration, trade certified, skilled and semi-skilled personnel.

Our goal is to help our clients outperform: their targets, shareholders’ expectations and their competitors. Constructive Solutions’ various divisions touch every job role and human resources management service line.