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Our Temporary Labour Solutions division allows our partners to meet the challenges and face the opportunities that are shaping today’s industry.

Our understanding of these challenges and the ability to quickly respond with integrated and comprehensive solutions puts us in a unique position to help. On-Demand workforce solutions can decrease margins to minimize and control cost pressures.

This flexible workforce can provide management with a response to changes in consumer demand, and allow Constructive Solutions to deliver customer centric solutions that address that ever changing environment.

We strive to provide professional staffing and recruitment solutions to our business partners for mutual growth and success.

Why hire a full-time staff if your fluctuating needs might only dictate part-time necessity? Constructive Solutions allows you to adjust your work force more readily, while we cover all risk management services on the employees we provide!

Temporary Workers Value

Account for the costs associated with managing your workforce, and the value of contracting with Constructive Solutions quickly becomes apparent.
An affordable and simple hourly bill rate provides incredible value to our clients, by offering the benefits and operating efficiencies of a large employer like Constructive Solutions.

  • The cost of workers’ compensation is built into our rate.
  • Constructive Solutions covers unemployment, CPP, and all payroll taxes.
  • No more classified ads to place, or recruiting time and effort.
  • While our professionals handle the interview process, your company focuses on core operations.

Temporary Labour is Committed To Safety

The Constructive Solutions Group is dedicated to meeting and exceeding the safety standards set forth by the Workers Compensation Board – Alberta and Worksafe BC. We are industry leaders in preventing workplace related injury and accidents, and are pursuing COR certification in 2013. The success of our business is predicated on maintaining a rigorous dedication to workplace safety. We will continue to evolve and progress these initiatives to insure the well-being of all our employees for years to come.

Constructive Labour Solutions looks after all costs for an hourly rate except applicable taxes.

  • Advertising
  • Recruiting
  • Wages
  • Holiday Pay
  • Employment Taxes
  • Workers compensation premiums

Hiring Costs for Temporary Workers

According to a recent survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management, the cost to hire one non-exempt hourly employee can range up to $24,000. Further, the estimated cost to replace an employee can reach 150% of the person’s annual base wage when lost productivity, hiring and training expenses are factored.

Constructive Solutions can help streamline and alleviate these costs, and allow your company to align production goals more closely to your company’s operating budget.