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6 Steps to the Hiring Process at Constructive Solutions Group

During Alberta’s oil boom and the subsequent population swelling in Calgary and Edmonton, Constructive Solutions Group spent almost as much time educating our workforce about their rights and responsibilities as we did getting them placed and hired. Out of respect for all those individuals, our current readers, and those who might call us for work tomorrow, we’d like to share today’s post about how to prepare yourself for employment as part of a temporary labour force.

This post is best read along with our previous post titled 4 Top Characteristics of the Best Employees. If you missed it, find it here.

Focusing on the issues of ‘hireability’ and ‘keepability’ (we know – not really technical terms but relevant all the same), is a point that more temporary labour agencies should acknowledge. As a temporary worker employed by Constructive Solutions Group, you represent our company on every job you go to. Therefore, looking professional and knowledgeable about our processes and your role in it is in everyone’s best interest.

After our initial phone or email contact when you decide that Constructive Solutions Group is the best agency to represent you, what happens with your profile and information?

  1. We call you again
    Prepare to come to our offices in Calgary or Edmonton for a few hours for a combined session of skills-accreditation, paperwork, and interviews.
  2. Skills-accreditation or upgrading
    Sometimes our employer contracts have special training that workers must undergo before they can start work. Other times, the employer is comfortable having Constructive Solutions Group validate worker skills and sending our best recruits straight to work. In either case, we organize a session to have our Human Resources and technical recruitment personnel validate your existing certifications, or expand your skillset so you meet our employer’s needs.
  3. We fill out paperwork together
    One of the many benefits of working through a temporary labour agency like Constructive Solutions is the care we put into the paperwork we complete on your behalf. However, many of our employees still have questions surrounding which deductions are mandatory for workers in Canada. Read on to learn about the 4 main deductions that Constructive Solutions’ HR staff ensures are managed correctly on your profile:

    • Worker’s Compensation
      Status: Mandatory employer-covered cost
      Worker’s Compensation, WCB, or ‘Workers Comp’ covers Canadians who are injured on the job. There is a mandatory employer-covered cost that functions as an insurance payment on behalf of the employee so if an job-related injury occurs, employees can be compensated for lost wages, receive medical treatment and pay for approved health care expenses. WCB functions as ‘no-fault’ in most instances; employers are required to report accidents, injuries and fatalities at work for this very reason.
    • Employment Insurance
      Status: Mandatory payroll deduction
      Employment insurance, ‘unemployment’ or EI provides temporary financial assistance to Canadians who have become unemployed through no fault of their own, or who are sick, pregnant, caring for a newborn or adopted child, or caring for a critically ill family member. Canadians who require assistance from EI may see if their situation qualifies by accessing information through Service Canada or by visiting an Employment office in person.
    • Canada Pension Plan
      Status: Mandatory payroll deduction; Employer also contributes
      A mandatory, employer-matched payroll deduction, Canada Pension Plan or CPP forms the basic amount that people aged 60+ are able to access for living. Normally drawn at age 65, some individuals choose to begin drawing CPP as early as age 60 or as late as 70. CPP contributions also are directed to post-retirement benefit for those who choose to continue working while receiving CPP, disability benefits should you become severely disabled to the extent that you can’t work on a regular basis, and survivor benefits to your spouse should you pass away.
    • Income Tax
      Status: Mandatory payroll deduction; Some flexibility
      Canadians make payments toward their personal share of Canada’s debt by having an estimated mandatory amount of this tax deducted from each paycheque throughout the year; reconciliation and final billing or reimbursement occurs each spring. Constructive Solutions Group helps employees find the proper estimated amount of tax deduction so that employees can keep up with income tax payments while not being unduly burdened by the balance come springtime.
  4. Bring documentation
    When we meet, you’ll need the following documentation to get started:

    • Proof of current mailing address
    • Driver’s License
    • Canadian Social Insurance Number
    • Additional supporting documentation if you are not a Canadian citizen
    • Certificates and paperwork relevant to your skillset
    • A current copy of your resume and references
  5. The Interview
    During the interview portion, Constructive Solutions’ Human Resource personnel will speak at length with you to learn more about your personality, qualifications, and what types of jobs represent the best fit for you. If there is an available opening, our personnel may tell you about it and advise you of any particulars that the employer has made known to us. While the process of interviewing and screening is friendly, we like to see our potential employees looking their best.
  6. Placement
    At the end of the interview and orientation process there may be further testing or follow up appointments and calls from our staff to you. Rest assured that as soon as we have more information regarding a placement, we’ll pass it on to you – after all, our goal is to connect our employer contracts with the most qualified and professional workers in the Calgary and Edmonton temporary labour markets.

For more information regarding how we serve the best companies in Alberta through our streamlined and employee-friendly processes, call Constructive Solutions Edmonton at +1 780-423-0014 or Constructive Solutions Calgary at +1 403-719-9200.

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