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The Top 3 Benefits of Using a Temporary Staffing Agency

Do your employees regularly need to work over time to meet demands? Do you find that your employees are scrambling to get jobs finished on time? Could you use extra hands during peak season? If you answered yes to any of these questions you may want to consider working with a temporary staffing agency.

Temporary staffing agencies, such as Constructive Labour Solutions, supply contractors and companies with temporary labour workers in response to fluctuating needs. Whether for seasonal peaks, last minute projects, employee illnesses or vacations, there are many reasons to use a temporary staffing agency. Here are our top three.

Minimize Cost

During peak or busy times, rather than having your permanent workers put in extra hours – that require you to pay overtime – it’s far more beneficial for you to hire temporary workers over additional permanent employees. Why? On top of paying full-time employee salaries, permanent workers are also entitled to overtime pay, vacation and sick day pay, retirement benefits and health care. Temporary workers relieve you of having to pay those extra costs, as you are only responsible for paying them for the work that they do and nothing else. Using a temporary staffing agency helps you to significantly reduce your overtime costs while still receiving the skilled coverage that you need for your businesses demands.

Greater Flexibility

The construction industry is known to fluctuate in terms of workload throughout the year. Using a temporary staffing agency allows you the flexibility to only hire extra workers for the additional work that arises, and you can send the workers back to the agency when the work is completed. Hiring temporary workers also provides you with greater flexibility when scheduling your full-time, permanent employees. The permanent employees can be given shifts that work best for their lifestyle, which impacts their work-life balance and boosts employee morale.

Engaging a temporary staffing agency to hire temporary workers can help your company adjust to the waves of workload that come and go throughout the year, while maintaining staffing that is flexible and efficient.

Diversity in Experience

You may come across times where special projects arise once or twice a year that require a worker with expertise or experience that none of your current employees possess. A temporary staffing agency can help you find that person who will bring their expertise to the project and get it done right – without the costs of hiring them full time.

There are many reasons why you should hire a temporary staffing agency, these are just three of them. For more information about temporary labour solutions in your area, get in contact with us!

Constructive Labour Solutions offers temporary labour solutions to a variety of industries. We specialize and pride ourselves on preventing workplace related injuries and accidents, and with this have become an industry leader in workplace safety over the years. Our temporary labour offerings allow companies to respond to fluctuating needs — where we can offer the ability to pivot your workforce to meet demand. Working with Constructive Labour Solutions, you can adjust your workforce more readily, while we cover all risk management services on the employees we provide.

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