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ICCRC Receives Positive Evaluation


The ICCRC (Immigrant Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) is a non-profit organization for people dealing with immigration consultants. The organization provides security and safety, and keeps a check on the functioning of immigration professionals. Its main objective is to ensure that immigration consultants are working effectively and are transparent with the information they provide to their client. They work with consultants, consumers, stakeholders, and members of the public to lead this industry into a new era of integrity and professionalism. They were established just three years ago, but have apparently been doing a good job so far at reaching their goals.

A recent audit conducted by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) proved to be very positive; the report states that the ICCRC is effectively regulating the immigration consulting profession. It also states that, despite it only being three years old, the organization is well managed, transparent, and accountable.

A few of the successes noted in the evaluation report include the ICCRC membership nearly doubling to 3,000 members since its beginning in 2011. Of those 3,000 members is our very own Nina Dohmann (ICCRC #R508670). The organization’s debt has also been reduced by more than half. The organization also launched a successful worldwide social media campaign to warn consumers about the risks of retaining illegal immigration consultants. The campaign was in support of CIC’s Fraud Prevention Month Campaign against unauthorized representatives.

Bob Brack, President and CEO of the regulatory body, states, “The evaluation report makes several recommendations in the areas of internal governance, cost management, communications and membership growth. I am pleased that most of these recommendations have already been implemented or are being implemented.”


To view the complete evaluation report, click here.

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