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Temporary Labourers Should Investigate Their Options

According to research here at Constructive Solutions, businesses in both Edmonton and Calgary pride themselves on being scalable. Flexible. Right-sized for client needs. But what does that mean for the existing pool of labourers and tradespeople that are currently looking for work? Consider temporary labour as an option in order to springboard into your career.

Temporary Labour – What You Need To Know

The best labour agencies were established to connect clients and labourers through practical solutions to temporary labour requirements. With changes to FR programs and potential labour shortages looming, now is the time to carefully consider your working options.

Choose An Agency That Fits You

Since the first temporary staffing agency opened in the United States in the 1940s, conditions and practices surrounding temporary workers have become more sophisticated over time, in fact, Canadian research shows that as much as 30% of the labour force may be without full-time regular work over the next economic era. With two choices – to succeed in today’s labour market or not, temporary staffing is a viable – and growing! – section of the labour market.

But what should a worker look for? Using our own business model as an example, workers should investigate their agency options to ensure the following:

Are You Valued Fairly?

This question actually has two parts: are skilled labourers valued at the same wage as unskilled labourers? Great if you’re unskilled, but skilled labourers take heed – you’re not finished your search for the agency that matches your interests.

The second part of the ‘value’ question is – is the wage you earn an approximation of what the market will bear less administrative costs? Remember to compare apples to apples here – the Calgary market is not the Edmonton market. Also, know what your deductions go to – over the years as we’ve perfected our payroll and administrative processes, we have formulated clear explanations about how temporary labour deductions work. Simply, everything you don’t have to do to promote your skills, and every person you don’t have to employ – secretary, HR person, salesperson, recruiter, marketer, IT – are costs that we incur on behalf of our employees – everyone pays a portion, including us. If your staffing agency can’t answer this question to your satisfaction, keep looking!

Adequate Training for Temporary Labour

Consider that with the right staffing agency, your time spent working instead of training increases over time. Instead of attending WHMIS and CSTS training again and again, gold standard staffing agencies retain and access your training records and updates them every time you are dispatched to a job or worksite. Having accepted the liability for your employment, agencies like Constructive Solutions are committed to ensuring that you operate in partnership under the Employment Standards Act, as required by law.

A staffing agency like Constructive Solutions invests in its workers through training in order to improve the labour market in Calgary and Edmonton and therefore our western economy, not decimate it with poorly trained employees who aren’t prepared for the demands of hazardous work environments.

How Is Morale?

We take pride in our work, and you should too. Just like any permanent workforce, morale is an important part in ensuring our employees meet with success on the job and during their personal time. At Constructive Solutions, we understand that building morale comes from valuing employees, and therefore make our work environment as much like ‘the office’ as we can. A professional relationship with each of our labourers and with our clients, we act as trusted facilitator to protect each party’s best interests.

Legal Concerns

Contracting for temporary staff is an exacting process. Organizations that seem casual about your rights, your relationships with employing clients, and your benefits are eventually going to treat you with the same lack of respect and care with which they handle employment issues. It’s better for the labourer to search on until they contact an agency that is committed to acting in their employees’ best interest.

Choosing a Temporary Labour Agency

Even in today’s interconnected world, there is no truly easy way to choose a labour company that best meets your needs other than old-fashioned word of mouth and visiting each location in order to get the feel for how you might be treated. In Calgary and Edmonton, the Constructive Solutions group is pleased to have you call or visit us with any of your questions or suggestions for how we might improve our services to our employees and our offerings to our clients. Or maybe you want to work for us? Call Constructive Solutions Edmonton at +1 780-423-0014 or Constructive Solutions Calgary at +1 403-719-9200.

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