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Tips to Reduce Employee Turnover in Construction

Employee turnover is a huge challenge that many businesses and industries face. With various repercussions that can cost contractors and companies money, a revolving door of employees has results that are far-reaching. There are various activities that employers can perform to reduce employee turnover within their organization. Here are a few tips to help you slow down the revolving door and inspire long-term loyalty from your employees.

Offer Benefits, Competitive Pay, Recognition and Rewards

This may seem obvious, but be sure that you offer your employees a fair wage with competitive benefits for the work that they do. Raises and bonuses are a great way to prove to your employees that you are understanding of their development and growing worth. Additionally, you can recognize your employees and express your appreciation of them by offering recognition that celebrates their success – providing them with a tangible reward not only impacts their work ethic, but their loyalty to the company.

Cut the Poison Loose

Cutting out the negative is a general rule of thumb for most things, including employee retention. If an employee is a bad fit, don’t hesitate to let them go. Negative, ineffective employees who produce run-of-the-mill work just to get a paycheck are toxic for your workplace culture, so send them home.

Look at Work History

There are an abundance of people with the work experience and skills that you need, but you also need to look for employees who are reliable, efficient, have strong work ethic etc. Through carrying out reference checks you can find out this kind of information. It is also helpful to have applicants complete personality tests.

Try Temporary

Rather than hiring a brand new employee, go with someone temporary. We, at Constructive Solutions, can help you find the perfect temporary tradesperson to do the job and do it well. While this temporary hire is working hard, you can use that time to evaluate their skills, and work ethic, and you may even choose to hire them on as a full time employee!

At some point, employee turnover will impact you and your company. When it does, our team here at Constructive Solutions will recruit skilled tradespeople who will ensure that your projects get completed quickly, efficiently and on budget. Contact us today to find out more!

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