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Temporary Labour FAQs

Although gaining popularity in the construction industry, temporary labour is a concept that many have questions about. It’s important to ask these questions so you can ensure that temporary labour is the best decision for you as a client or an employee. Today we’ll go over some of our most frequently asked questions. Many of […]

How to Work with a Temporary Labour Agency

With construction’s peak season coming to a close, you may already be taking what you learned from 2017 and preparing for the new year. Did it seem as if the work was piling up? Did you notice that there were more overtime hours logged? Your company could use a hand – temporary staffing might just […]

Tips to Reduce Employee Turnover in Construction

Employee turnover is a huge challenge that many businesses and industries face. With various repercussions that can cost contractors and companies money, a revolving door of employees has results that are far-reaching. There are various activities that employers can perform to reduce employee turnover within their organization. Here are a few tips to help you […]

6 Steps to the Hiring Process at Constructive Solutions Group

During Alberta’s oil boom and the subsequent population swelling in Calgary and Edmonton, Constructive Solutions Group spent almost as much time educating our workforce about their rights and responsibilities as we did getting them placed and hired. Out of respect for all those individuals, our current readers, and those who might call us for work […]

4 Top Characteristics of the Best Employees

Projections toward the latter part of 2015 predict for a very tight job market in Alberta – both Calgary and Edmonton data show that while StatsCan doesn’t always reflect losses in both (or either market) on a consistent basis, you only have to drive through the downtown core of either city to notice that there […]

Temporary Labourers Should Investigate Their Options

According to research here at Constructive Solutions, businesses in both Edmonton and Calgary pride themselves on being scalable. Flexible. Right-sized for client needs. But what does that mean for the existing pool of labourers and tradespeople that are currently looking for work? Consider temporary labour as an option in order to springboard into your career. […]

ICCRC Receives Positive Evaluation

The ICCRC (Immigrant Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) is a non-profit organization for people dealing with immigration consultants. The organization provides security and safety, and keeps a check on the functioning of immigration professionals. Its main objective is to ensure that immigration consultants are working effectively and are transparent with the information they provide to […]