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Top 5 Benefits of Hiring Seasonal Employees in Construction

Does it seem like you have more projects starting this year than the last? Do you have employees getting ready for vacation? Do you have clients pushing deadlines to have a job done before winter comes?

During peak construction season, you may want to consider seasonal employees. Hiring temporary labour through a staffing agency, such as Constructive Labour Solutions, is a great way to keep up with seasonal work and stay on schedule. Here are our top five benefits to consider when looking into hiring seasonal employees.


Provides Flexibility

Hiring seasonal employees gives the ability to adjust manpower based on the workload. Adapting to the ebb and flow of work is not only good economically for a construction company, but good for morale. Hiring and firing employees as needed means more time spent on paperwork when it could be spent on a more productive task. By using temporary labour, a company can easily cover a sudden turnover, long-term leaves, and be prepared for upcoming special projects.

New Perspective

By using a temporary staffing agency for seasonal employees, your company now has access to new skills and ideas. A fresh perspective can offer ways to improve efficiency and streamline production so you can stay on schedule. This can also lead to meaningful hires. Often when a full-time position opens, there is pressure to fill it as soon as possible. Being able to observe a seasonal employee’s performance without committing to hire takes away that pressure.

Cost Effective

Instead of paying salary with full benefits as you would with a permanent employee, seasonal employees can be paid at an hourly rate with reduced benefits. If these employees are hired through a temporary staffing agency, more money is saved as it is the agency’s responsibility to front a large portion of the costs. Plus, hiring seasonal employees cuts back on overtime. Paying permanent employees for overtime can get expensive when the workload exceeds workforce. Hiring extra hands helps get the same work done for a lower cost.

Build Morale

Speaking of overtime, employees feeling overworked can lead to burnout. Exhausted employees may ask to take their vacation sooner or even begin looking for work at other companies in the hopes that they won’t have to put as many hours in. High turnover rates can lower employee morale. By hiring seasonal employees, the workload is alleviated and the overtime minimized. This avoids burnout and creates happier, more productive staff.

Ready to Go

When you hire temporary labour for seasonal work, the staffing agency has done a large portion of the work for you. Employees are prescreened and preapproved, as well as provided all the necessary training, so they are ready to hit the ground running. Human resources and payroll aspects are also covered by the staffing agency, which saves time on paperwork and allows you to focus on your clients.

These are just five benefits not only to you, but to your employees if you hire seasonal workers. For more information about temporary labour solutions in your area, contact us!

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