Top 5 Benefits of Hiring Seasonal Employees in Construction

Does it seem like you have more projects starting this year than the last? Do you have employees getting ready for vacation? Do you have clients pushing deadlines to have a job done before winter comes?

During peak construction season, you may want to consider seasonal employees. Hiring temporary labour through a staffing agency, such as Constructive Labour Solutions, is a great way to keep up with seasonal work and stay on schedule. Here are our top five benefits to consider when looking into hiring seasonal employees.

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Tips to Reduce Employee Turnover in Construction

Employee turnover is a huge challenge that many businesses and industries face. With various repercussions that can cost contractors and companies money, a revolving door of employees has results that are far-reaching. There are various activities that employers can perform to reduce employee turnover within their organization. Here are a few tips to help you slow down the revolving door and inspire long-term loyalty from your employees.

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